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RBI services offered by e-Biz portal is currently under migration to a new platform from the Legacy (Current) platform from 27th February, 2017. This migration activity is going to be concluded in a phased manner. Hence, both the platforms, new as well as the current one, will be available till all the services are moved to the new platform.

The current platform will be discontinued once all the services are migrated to the new platform.

While navigating through the Legacy e-Biz portal or applying for a migrated service, a user may land on the new e-Biz portal.

Below mentioned RBI services offered through e-Biz portal has been migrated to a new platform w.e.f. February 27, 2017.

  1. a)  Reporting of Advanced Foreign Remittance
  2. b)  Reporting of FC-GPR
  3. c) Reporting of FC-TRS

Post Migration:

  1. .pdf forms will be replaced with web forms.
  2. In order to use Digital Signature, one has to register the Digital Signature and install setup file for emSigner.

Note:- User is not allowed to update profile on new platform currently. User has to update profile through current platform. Updates in profile on current platform will be automatically updated on the new platform and user will be able to view the same in non-editable mode on new platform as well.



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